Poker Face 2
25th Anniversary Edition

Poker Face 2  is the 25th Anniversary Limited Edition sequel to Ulvis Alberts' original Poker Face. This is a large-format 'coffee table' art book measuring 13"x11", weighing nearly 10 pounds, with over 400 images from "The Early Years" (1977-82) and "The Explosive Years" (2002-2005) of the World Series of Poker. A beautiful protective box to store your book is included.

The preface to 'The Historic Years' of Poker Face 2 was written by noted literary author, A. Alvarez. He is a renowned writer who previously wrote about the World Series of Poker for The New Yorker magazine and in the books, The Biggest Game in Town and Poker: Bets, Bluffs and Bad Beats.

'The Explosive Years' preface was written by WSOP and WPT finalist, Paul Zibits. He is President of Ichiban Entertainment Inc. and has been a poker player for over a decade. He served as Executive Editor of Poker Face 2.

Interspersed throughout the book are famous quotes about poker from many personalities within the poker world.

Ulvis Alberts' first fine art photography book, Poker Face, was released in 1981. It has become a collector's item and often sells for as much as $2000 if you can find a copy.

There are only a total 2000 signed and numbered copies available. No additional copies of this edition will be produced.

A few copies remain and are now available for purchase.

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Poker Face 2

Poker Face 2